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Maximum fuel economy without compromise

Tula’s Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF) technology integrates advanced signal processing with sophisticated powertrain controls to create a digital engine that delivers the best possible fuel efficiency, without compromising the driving experience. Tula partners with the world’s car, truck and engine manufacturers to help meet increasingly stringent fuel efficiency and CO2 mandates, while helping consumers save money at the pump. From its inception, the internal combustion engine (ICE) has been optimized for peak performance, but fundamentally controlled in a way that leads to inefficient operation during normal driving. Drivers got the performance they occasionally needed but paid the price with relatively poor efficiency most of the time they drove; our breakthrough digital approach to engine management overcomes more than a century of compromises to make the most efficient ICE possible.

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See the April 2014 issue of Motor Trend for an article on DSF titled "When deactivating cylinders, why stop at just half?"

Read our technical paper presented at the SAE 2013 World Conference & Exhibition

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